What is AdBrite program, How to use it, How to earn money from it

AdBrite is a well established Ad marketplace that offers publishers with a number of ways to monetize their websites. These include CPCs, CPMs, In-Line Ads, Video Ads, Full Page Ads and also an option for advertisers to buy a link on a website for a period of time. Their CPC concept revolves around their Site Directory of Publisher Sites where advertisers can choose to place ads on websites of their choice. Advertisers also have the option to place network Ads which allows the ads to be shown on publisher websites of the selected demographics.

AdBrite is a very good alternative to Adsense. I recommend it to anyone who has “bad experience” with Adsense.

AdBrite, it is program that allows you to sell link ads on your websites. It is very easy to get accepted into AdBrite - simply complete the online application form, submit your site to the directory, place your ad code and away you go. Registration is open for all page ranks groups.

After registering you can submit your sites to the online AdBrite directory. If an advertiser likes your site they might buy a link from you. You can price your own links, but I recommend always selecting the automatic pricing because it's easier. You can also choose the duration of the ads you wish to sell.

The network ads look very similar to Adsense for content units, AdBrite now offer inline ads. The inline ads, which appear under keywords in your text, have a very good click thru rate.

A lot of publishers choose to display network ads only, as me. If you have regular traffic to your site you can make very good money from them.

AdBrite pays big fat commission for every of your referrals earnings (My AdBrite earnings are 80% of my AdBrite referrals). This is also very good way to earn a lot of money only with promoting AdBrite with banner on your sites. AdBrite have big palette of banners and text links code which you can use on your site for promoting AdBrite.

Payments are on PayPal or check on monthly basic - min USD5.


AdBrite is good for Sites with good traffic as it encourages advertisers to bid on your site raising your minimum CPC. AdBrite is a very good alternative to Adsense. Since start of 2007 it is now possible to display AdBrite on the same pages as Adsense, as long as the competing ad formats don't look confusingly similar. If you want to earn extra money after being "banned" from Adsense then AdBrite is the program for you.

Register to AdBrite or read more HERE!

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