Choose Western Union For Google AdSense

Google Adsense a versatile company of Google announced Western Union Service in almost every part of the world wherever Western Union is available. In October Google added the service of Quick Cash & Cheque facility for it’s publishers with more enhanced, safe & secure.

To facilate the option login to your account and choose Western Union go to Account Information and choose Western Union for Quick Cash and Save the settings.

After alteration in Payment method you may get an email in your inbox regarding change in payment type. For verification you can send Digital Images of NIC (National Identity Card) issued by Government and Copy of Utility bill for verfication so then they will punch up the payment to the same ID card which can be used further in retrieval of money using Western Union.

It’s the most safest and secured service Google Adsense announced so far because of it endless & mobile features it allows everyone to grab out payment anywhere.

Be sure that your amount must be 100$ or above for payment processing and the Tax Information is also cleared

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