Tips For New Adsense account Applicants

This question becoming so hard for new Google Adsense Publishers who apply for new accounts. Google Adsense changed their policy structures time by time till last mid-year there were no kind of special requirement for publishers but now after revision of requirement new account holder must posses such possible terms to get their account approved.1. In Process of application please use high TLD or Regular Domains for your site like (e.g, or Either you can also use sub-domain of Domains. ( Your applied domain must be at least 6 months older. (This is new thing which they added recently)3. Applied Website or Blog must contain genuine and reasonable Content.4. After applying for Google Adsense please remove other CPC or PPC Campaigns from website pages. As Google Adsense will give you top priority if your site doesnt have any relavant ads related to Google.5. Assure yourself that you are using tolerable web standards like Html, Php & Asp etc.6. Do not forget to add site maps in your websites because it gives users to access whole site using site map even Google also loves site maps.7. Try to use prefarable keywords that matches your content because Google doesnt show its ads for irrelavant keywords to content.8. Also dont create websites just for Adsense because some times MFA’s not pay much although having genuine content & stuff. If you are new webmaster eager to join adsense using a new site then i prefer to apply for adsense after passing 1 month. Because in this duration you may easily anayalise and startegise site peformance. If in one month start to give you good followup in terms of traffic and activeness of websites then you can surely apply for adsense. The biggest mistake most of new webmasters do is they immediately apply for new account spending much time on search engines. Do not forget to read out guidlines section in Google Adsense site to get further info about new site accounts. There are some agencies created in several nations which misguiding local public to join agency by registration and to use them for multiple clicking bombing on fellow partner sites. Please dont get involved with these agencies because adsense is free to join to all, just all you want to have a normal website with quality content.


  1. If i see your blog before some days ago then google doesn't reject my application. Your information about adsense application now help me a lot.
    Thank you for your valuable post.

  2. ya nice post man keep it up good work