Online Revenue With Google Adwords

Your favorite marketing guru will tell you that Google AdWords is a heaven-sent opportunity to make money on the internet, so amazing that it sometimes seems unreal. However, it is a two-way traffic like any other business, there are people who get very rich off Google AdWords and there are those who simply sweat themselves off and get frustrated because they haven't made even a single sale using AdWords.

The truth is you can generate profit from using Google AdWords advertising, but only if you apply the right strategy. Note that while quality score algorithms and click through rate are crucial technical issues that shouldn't be undermined, they somehow tend to mask the basic promotion fact ' product/niche. The sales letter of what you're promoting is what is more crucial. The number of keywords you'll add will be irrelevant if the product you wish to market is wrong choice. Well, getting started on the business you might not be in a position to know the products that are ideal and those that will not work and as such, you should be ready to do some homework and experiments.

Therefore, rather than put all your focus on your Adwords campaigns, just select various affiliate products on multiple niches. Each niche will only take you an hour to find it and an hour to set your AdWords campaigns up to promote the products you picked. As simple as that and you'll know whether the product you wish to promote will swim or sink. Whatever the outcome, put that aside and repeat it, you'll find that 4/5 attempts will be successful and it will be a lucrative niche worth focusing on.

Once you locate that lucrative niche, you can be seriously investing your time and money on the AdWords campaign now. This method will allow you to go through around 20 niches and 10-20 micro-niches each month. Along the way, you're sure to land on a particular goldmine that has been overlooked by your competitors because they were so much focused on building up their keyword or key phrase lists.

Cast your net and keep experimenting and be guaranteed of making money from Google AdWords. Keep in mind that everything comes down to the sales letter, the product that you're promoting. You'll never know the kind of product that will work unless you're ready for trials and errors.

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